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Accidents involving cars are among the most common causes of serious injury and death in the United States each year. Despite the technology and safety improvements in cars and roads, auto accidents remain quite common. In fact, car accident claims are the most common type of cases filed by attorneys today. To get the maximum compensation for your personal injury from car accident injury claim, you’ll need the help of a dedicated Lilburn car accident lawyers.

The roads of Lilburn and Atlanta GA can be dangerous for motorists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicycle riders alike. When heavy traffic is combined with poor driving habits, drivers can cause serious auto accidents that result in devastating injuries and expenses. Individuals who suffer serious injuries or who lose loved ones in car accidents may file a claim for additional compensation through a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

How Bad Are Your Injuries

Car accident injuries are often serious and even life-threatening. It is best not to take them lightly, even if they seem very minor. Some auto accident injuries aren’t visible until weeks after the accident, so don’t dismiss a seemingly simple bruise or any ache or pain.

Serious car crash injuries include:

Traumatic brain injury
Neck and spine injury
Chest injury
Fractures or broken bones
Internal organ damage
Joint injury

What damages can I recover after a car accident in Lilburn GA?

Expert Car Accident Injury attorney Udai V. Singh can help you pursue financial compensation for the following damages after a car accident in Lilburn GA:

Medical expenses
Physical therapy
Property damage and loss
Lost wages
Pain and suffering
Wrongful death

Pursuing a Car Accident Injury Claims

To obtain compensation for a claim, you need to prove:

  1. The driver had a duty to be careful on the roads.
  2. The driver was negligent and broken the law of care.
  3. The driver’s negligence was the direct cause of your car accident.
  4. You were harmed because of this accident and suffered losses and damages for which the driver can compensate you.

At Law office of Udai V. Singh, we can help you prove these arguments with accident reports, eyewitness testimony, and through other legal tools. We can also help you negotiate a settlement for your car accident losses. For your car accident case, we are here to guide you through this difficult time.

FAQs About Auto Accidents

Q: Should I speak with the other driver’s insurance company?
A: Not until you’ve consulted your own attorney. Even then, it is better that you let your own attorney communicate with the other party’s insurer. Insurance adjusters may take a statement you’ve made, twist it around, and use it against you.

Q: Should I accept the insurance company’s offer?
A: Not until you’ve consulted your accident lawyer. Insurance companies will always try to lowball you and offer you a settlement that is far less than you deserve. An experienced auto accident attorney can help you determine how much you should ask for.

Q: What if I can’t afford an attorney?
A: That’s never the case. Any reputable personal injury attorney will guide you about any fees upfront. They will collect their payment from the settlement they win for you. Legal costs are percentage of the overall settlement.