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    Personal Injury Attorney Udai V. Singh

    Practicing Law for 35 years! Representing Personal Injury Victims In Lilburn GA near Atlanta area and Nationwide USA. In all Counties of Georgia, in all State and Federal Courts, fighting for your rights and compensation you deserve.

    Call Personal Injury Lawyer Lilburn GA today for a free consultation about your case. You’ll speak with an injury attorney or office staff in Lilburn and we will answer your questions.

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    Free Personal Injury Consultation

    Many accident victims are understandably concerned about the cost of hiring a personal injury attorney. Our law office will review personal injury case free of charge and guide you to determine if you may benefit from hiring an attorney to represent you and your family. We will schedule you for a free legal consultation with our attorney. Call us at (404) 918-8167 or use the contact form to speak with the lawyer about your case.

    The law office of Udai V. Singh represents victims of accident injury throughout the state of Georgia. Our injury attorney have the experience, knowledge and resources to help you if you have suffered due to the negligence of other party.

    Personal Injury Victims And Their Rights

    Insurance companies will often attempt to settle a claim quickly for a lowball amount. A majority of injury and wrongful death victims do not fully understand their individual legal rights after being hurt in an accident or suffering the loss of a loved one. Some people may feel confused by insurance company representatives who attempt to deny against their claim.

    If you want to learn more about your rights and legal options, contacting an attorney, would be the way to go. You will feel better prepared for dealing with the insurance companies and gain a better understanding of the personal injury claims process.

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    Client Testimonials

    Sagar Bhatt has arrived today from India. I had sponsored him as a spouse coming here as a permanent resident.
    We are thankful to you and your office for handling his immigration process in a proficient manner. Your knowledge of guiding us through the total process was great help.

    Rupal Bhatt

    Today my family is permanent resident of USA and I am very thankful for the services offered to us by Attorney Udai V. Singh. Immigration lawyer Udai V. Singh and his staff handled my case since when I applied for first H1B at USA embassy, 12 years ago.

    After coming to USA they helped me to change employer on H1B and get labor processed successfully.

    Divyesh Patel

    Attorney Udai V. Singh had been more than an attorney by helping a troubled woman in Atlanta. She was abused physically, mentally, and financially by her husband. If it was not for Attorney Udai Singh’s help in Family Law, this poor woman would still be living in fear. Hats off to attorney Udai V. Singh for giving back to his community.

    Chinti Bali

    Attorney Udai V. Singh is awesome in handling immigration cases. It is amazing how his firm made it so easy for client like me. They got me work visa initial approval and then extension. But the biggest was the green cards for me and my entire family.

    Their meticulous work on details and accuracy made it all come through seamlessly.

    Gyan Prakash Upadhyay