Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Sagar Bhatt has arrived today from India. Rupal Bhatt had sponsored him as a spouse coming here as a permanent resident.

We are thankful to you and your office for handling his immigration process in a proficient manner. Your knowledge of guiding us through the total process was great help. It took some time to complete the requirements but  we are delighted he has arrived in USA. With your blessings he will achieve american dream.

Thank you

Rupal Bhatt

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Today my family is permanent resident of USA and I am very thankful for the services offered to us by Attorney Udai Singh law firm. Mr. Singh and his staff handled my case since when I applied for first H1B at USA embassy in India, 12 years ago. After coming to USA they helped me to change employer on H1 and get labor processed successfully.

In 2006 they handled my case very well to avoid rejection for I140 application for 3 years Bachelors from India. They filed all my applications since beginning to end without any single technical errors and I never had any RFE or rejection at any stage.

Mr. Singh’s firm is highly knowledgeable and very responsive. They always answer to any of my immigration queries either by email or phone on same day. My relatives used his services for some family based applications and everyone was pleased to have Mr. Udai Singh as their attorney. I will look forward to hire Mr. Singh’s law firm in the future.

I would highly recommend Attorney Udai Singh Law firm to everyone for any kind of immigration issues. He is the best lawyer for immigration.
Thank you

Divyesh Patel

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Mr. Udai V Singh had been more than an attorney by helping a troubled woman in Atlanta. She was abused physically, mentally and financially by her husband. He battered her for almost seven years. She reached out to Mr. Udai Singh for help with no financial support.

Mr. Udai Singh agreed to help the woman with open arms without a second thought. He took time from his busy practice to meet the family to sort things out. He was very kind and compassionate to help her without charging her a single dime.

If it was not for Mr. Udai Singh’s help, this poor woman would still be living in fear. Hats off to Mr. Udai Singh for giving back to his community.

Thank you

Chinti Bali

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Attorney Udai V. Singh is awesome in handling immigration cases. It is amazing how his firm made it so easy for client like me.

They got me work visa initial approval and then extension. But the biggest was the green cards for me and my entire family. Their meticulous work on details and accuracy made it all come through seamlessly. They listen and they are very responsive. Attorney Udai Singh kept me informed all along and made it possible to our get green cards.

Thank you Attorney Udai Singh and your services are much appreciated.

Gyan Prakash Upadhyay